Training Helper

Greg is certified as a National Level Trial Helper with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. In 2009, he served as front half helper for the American Working Malinois Championship. He has decoyed for numerous police patrol dogs and graduated from Advance Canine Academy's patrol and narcotics police dog school in 2004.

He has broad experience as a Training Helper for many highly regarded competitors, including Debbie Zappia, Ivan Balabonov, Jan Knox and Gene England. Greg gave regular protection workshops for Jan Kokx's group in St. Louis while Jan was in Germany and was handpicked by Jan to give protection seminars for his clients. He acted as the primary helper for Gene England seminars in Rochester, NY for five years and is well-versed in the use of his protection tables (the square and round table) and tracking table. He also worked as Debbie Zappia's helper for over five years in the role of the training helper for the Empire Working Dog Club.

Greg has performed the role of training helper for several dogs competing at the highest levels in National and World competition. Such as:

  • Training helper for Qenny ot Vitosha, 2007 FMBB and FCI IPO III World Champion; 2005, 2006, and 2007 AWDF IPO III Champion; and 2005 AWMA National Champion.
  • Primary training helper for Escobar Van Adelrik, 2004 WUSV Vice World Champion, 2003 USA National SchH III Champion.
  • Performed all of the foundation bite work training of Debbie Zappia's current competition dog Jai vom Olgameister, 2008 UScA H.O.T. Champion, 2007 USA New England Regional SchH III Champion, and 2nd place at the 2008 UScA North American Championship. Jai scored a protection score of 100 for his SchH III club trial.
  • Provided knowledge and experience in preparing Django ot Vitosha, 2000 FMBB Vice World Champion, 2001 USA National SchH III Champion, 2000 and 2001 AWDF IPO III National Champion
  • Decoyed for Basko vom Haus Nixdor, Jan Kokx's former competition dog. Basko showed at the Bundesseiger four times.
  • Assisted in training L'Simba (Sim) du Loups du Soleil during 2007-2009 period. L'Simba placed 8th at the FMBB 2007 World Championship and was the youngest dog in the competition at just over two years of age and scored an overall score of 280 points (97/88/95). Sim recently placed 3rd at the AWMA National Championship 2008 with 286 points (94/98/94). At the FMBB 2009 Sim ranked 25th (79/97/97) and tied for 2nd place in stadium. Simba qualified for the FMBB World Championship 2007, 2008, 2009 and FCI World Championship 2007.

As an avid scholar of dogs and dog training, Greg's training program is continously evolving.